Panic attacks, starting out later in life and other running stories to inspire

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With around 90 running stories in this easy read that supports the Running Charity, you are never far away from an awe inspiring tale of how people from all walks of life got started on their running journey. Some will have false started and bailed out with a panic attack while others left it till they were in there 90s before their journey began.

The book is filled with stories of people struggling with self-doubt and challenges before putting one foot forward. Their stories show us that age, shape and speed don't matter. It's all about taking the first step and the rest follows. 

From widely differing backgrounds each story describes why, where, and how they run. Parents, refugees and beginners all describe a unique story on their personal running journey. More salient is the enormously positive effect running has had in their lives. The book brings the stories to life with images of the various writers and their journey.

Michelle Mortimer is one runner who has shared her story. Michelle had a panic attack when entered to run at school before returning to her first proper run in her 20s. Roger Sawtell was a late bloomer with his first run at the age of 92!

Jacquie Millet and Camilla Langlands are in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most marathons run together by a parent and child

Seyfu Jamal was an asylum seeker who spent 17 months travelling from the politically unstable districts of the Bale Province in Ethiopia. As a child witnessing murder and slavery, his journey ended when he was supported by the British Red Cross who connected him with The Running Charity. 

These stories will enthuse and inspire you, make you laugh and make you reflect on positive running ruminations.

With an introduction into running terminology and common phrases used by runners like a PB (personal best), the book is split into the following sections:  

·         It makes me feel so good - Stories of wellbeing and joy.

·         Running journeys - Personal running histories, from getting going to achieving a goal.

·         Racing tales - From parkrun to ultra-marathon, these are all about races.

·         Running got me through - Extra-ordinary, powerful accounts of overcoming adversity.

·         The competitive spirit - Winning medals or achieving records motivate this group.

·         It's about other people too - Making new friends, finding love, raising funds for charity, guiding a blind runner, coaching and more all show that running is far from a solitary experience.

And just to balance up the stories, there’s also a section from Dr John Etherington who says he hates running. But you’ll have to read it to understand his perspective!

RUNNING STORIES is available on Amazon and from many other retailers including WaterstonesHive and Blackwell’s for £8.99. The eBook is £5.99 on Amazon.