Paula Radcliffe official starter for Brighton

Brighton Marathon

In a coup for the Brighton Marathon, women’s Marathon World record holder, Paula Radcliffe, has agreed to be the Official Starter for this year’s race.

Now based in Monaco, the 2005 World champion will signal the start for the thousands who will be setting off from Preston Park at 9.15am Sunday 6 April, shortly after she has sent the inaugural BM10k on it way.

Paula will also make a guest appearance at the Brighton Marathon Exhibition on Saturday evening.

Race Founder Tim Hutchings said: “There are not many legends in the world of sport but we have a genuine Athletics Legend in Paula, of that there is no doubt.

“She is by any standard, the greatest Marathon runner in history and her utter dominance through several seasons over the last decade cannot be disputed.

“For the city, for all our runners and for the organising team, this is a huge boost and it will be just fantastic to have Paula wave the fields off and to welcome the winners home.”

For more than 20 years, Paula has been in the forefront of British athletics, amassing World, European and Commonwealth gold medals.

Over the Marathon, her record has been quite simply staggering, the highlight coming in London 2003 when she clocked 2:15:25, a time no one has yet approached.

Owner of the top three fastest times ever, Paula has won three times in New York, three times in London and once in Chicago.

On the road she also holds 10k and 20k world records as well as UK records on the track for 3000m, 5000m and 10000m.

The Brighton Marathon Weekend begins on Friday 4 April with the two-day Exhibition in the Brighton Centre while the races will see 13,000 runners in action.

Saturday sees the ICONIQ Shlurp! Mini Mile Races in their new slot in Preston Park (11.00 am start) and the weekend culminates on Sunday with the inaugural BM10k (8.30am start) and Marathon (9.15am).

The Brighton Marathon is an IAAF Bronze Label event.