Peter Martin win November Reward Running

Reward Running Scheme Image

Peter Martin has won the final edition of Reward Running for 2012 (and an adidas miCoach!) with a handicap improvement of 10.57.

November was a bonus month, with the usual competition running from March to October, so well done to almost 3000 of you for getting involved!

A summary of November's winners is below: 

Peter Martin: took the overall victory and category 4 win with an overall handicap improvement of 10.57; a highlight of the month for him was his quickest time yet for the Frimley Lodge parkrun of 24:45 (wins adidas mi-coach)

Matthew Hardcastle: handicap improvement of 10.18 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

William Laye (Warwick University): the under-23 athlete took the category 3 honours with a handicap improvement of 7.24 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

Joanne Richardson (Bedale & Aiskew): first woman this month with a handicap improvement of 6.13 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

Lloyd Reynolds: a mid-month leader; finished with a handicap improvement of 6.04 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

Katherine Gane: handicap improvement of 5.58 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

Keith Bird: handicap improvement of 5.24 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

Steve Taylor: the category 2 winner after reducing his handicap from 12.62 to 7.78, an improvement of 4.84 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

Sam Hull: awarded the regular racer title for the month and has a handicap improvement of 3.70 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

Tamsin Desborough (Great Yarmouth RR): winner of the category 1 award with a handicap improvement of 3.63, going from 17.98 to 14.35 (wins Sennheiser headphones)

All winners - including spot prize winners Fadi Dahdouh (Stroud), James Manning (St Edmunds Pacers), Caroline Jeffcote (Kingston & Poly), Zoe Owen (Mercia Fell Runners) and Samantha Jones (Stockport) who also win Sennheiser headphones - should have now been contacted.

The full 'locked down' November board is available through the following link.