Prime Minister Theresa May directs ‘Marshal Law’ at the Maidenhead 10

Theresa May

As any race organiser will vouch, recruiting marshals for an event can be a challenge and these unsung heroes are often overlooked when we congratulate ourselves on our own wonderful performances. However, there would be no event taking place if it was not for their commitment and efforts.

Race marshals come from many walks (or runs) of life and last Friday, Prime Minister Theresa May turned out for the Maidenhead 10 mile road race in her constituency. She has been a long-time supporter of the event and between Easter celebrations and running the government, she was seen in a hi-vis vest marshalling over 800 runners on the roads of this nationally established race and also posing for selfies with runners and supporters.

The Good Friday Maidenhead 10 again proved to be one of the biggest events over the weekend with 884 finishers. Impressive winning times of 51:55 and 59:57 from Jack Parslow (handicap -3.3) and Ellie Monks  (handicap 2.1) reflected the great support on the course and the fantastic weather conditions that the runners enjoyed!

How much do you appreciate your marshals?

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Photo credit Martin Woolner.