Review of The Running Drug paperback and ebook

Review of The Running Drug paperback and ebook

This book tells Tim Benyon’s story of how his new running habit helped him to overcome cancer and embark on a fitter, healthier future.

At 40 years of age, Tim Beynon didn’t expect to be diagnosed with prostate cancer but it was a catalyst to a new future and a journey that, fuelled by his determination, resulted in achieving more than he perhaps dared to hope for.

Reading this book, with a keen interest in understanding what makes a champion, I looked back at research on serial medallists that had all overcome diversity of varying degrees (Hardy & Laing, 2013). This story draws parallels – Tim Benyon ran the London Marathon and many other classic distances on the way to overcoming cancer, which brought out huge levels of perseverance and these achievements, in turn, helped him to achieve the ultimate success of beating cancer.

Throughout the book, Tim reflects on the complexities of juggling operations and medications whilst training for events and shares the psychological methods that he used to stay positive for himself and his family – methods that are useful for everyone to have in their toolkit for when the going gets tough.

Recalling his journey from childhood cross-country to his university indifference to diet and exercise, prior to rediscovering an itch for exercise in his thirties, Tim follows a journey to which many will relate. Few, however, will understand the trauma that a family is implicated in when you are going through and recovering from major surgery but Tim narrates his story with irony and humour that removes some of the angst of the condition that he was fighting along with 12% of the male population at some stage of life.

Throughout the book, Tim entertains us with analogies including wicket keepers playing cricket to catch the cancer ball and a bionic robot called Da Vinci, all interspersed with factual information and underpinned with sharp wit. At one point, you are asked to visualise the pope at an Ann Summers Party and while some may need to Google who the pope is to understand this irony, believe me it is worth the search to get the punch line!

'The Running Drug' is full of factual titbits that all will enjoy especially those who are planning on living a healthy long life.

Published by Clued Up Books and available as an ebook or paperback.

25% of sales income will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK.



Hardy, L., & Laing, S. (2013). 'Great British Medallists' - Developmental biographies of high achieving athletes. World Class Performance Conference, Manchester.