Covid-19 guidance webinar for race organisers and running events

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After our summer  series of webinars to support road race organisers, we have an insightful follow up with England Athletics and runbritain to discuss practical solutions.

With road races returning at varying rates, England Athletics and runbritain have organised a webinar, for road race organisers, to discuss the latest situations. Tom Bedford (Richmond Runfest) and Barry Hopkins (Sporting Events UK) will share a realistic look at the practicalities of putting on events during a pandemic.

The webinar will be hosted by Road Running Manager from England Athletics, Charlotte Fisher. It will begin with a presentation from the panel followed by questions and answers from attendees.

Details of the webinar are below:

Road Race Organisers: Putting on Events under Covid-19 Guidance

Date: Tuesday 10th November                               Time: 1130hrs - 1230hrs

Free registration on this LINK.

Road running is one of the most popular and accessible sports in the world. During the Covid crisis, virtual runs have been extremely popular and runners are now looking forward to events that offer timed runs before getting back to racing. We will support Road Races throughout the UK with advice and guidance that we will bring through a series of webinars.

More webinars are added to this schedule regularly. You can view a full list of webinars at