Race Organiser update with area contacts

5 and 10 milers now recognised for handicap score

After recent discussion we share some recent developments and reminders. Race Organisers, are asked to support in the following areas regarding queries, registering and other administration with events. Thank you.

1.       If you have a race licence query, please in the first instant contact your Regional Chair.

2.       To obtain a UKA Road Running/Multi Terrain Licence your application must be submitted at least 4 weeks before your event. Requests for licences inside this timeframe will not be administered.

3.       If your licence application is at the “Pending Stage” due to lack of Local Authority approval you are reminded that it’s your responsibility to chase the said authority and when approval has been received, inform your Regional Licence Chair.

4.       Other reasons yourapplication is at the “Pending Stage”is because you have not appointed an Event Adjudicator it’s your responsibility to appoint anEvent Adjudicator or you have outstanding Post Race Forms or an outstanding payment from a previous event.it’s your responsibility to clear these before your event can progress.

5.       Increases in participant numbers can only be changed on your licence application when proof from the Local Authority has been provided. Operating above your initial race participant numbers could invalidate your insurance. You must also ensure you have enough medical personnel to deal with the increased numbers and conform to Medical Standards.

6.       Unsubmitted post-race forms and unpaid post-race fees are also your responsibility and provide another reason for licence applications to be held at the “Pending Stage”.If you require an invoice to make your payment, please contact Margaret McCann at England Athletics, Margaret McCann mmccann@englandathletics.org

7.       For Course Measurement queries please use the Association of UK Course Measurers aukcm.org.uk

Regional Licence Chairs  –

South West:                       Nigel Rowe                                        

London:                              Ivor Wiggett                                      

East:                                   Joseph Mower                 

South East:                         Paul Wood                         

North West:                        Adrian Thiemicke           

North East:                         Kevin Carr                         

Yorkshire:                           Mike Moss                         

West Midlands:                  Alan Edwards                    

East Midlands:                   John Skevington              

Welsh Athletics:                 Jacqueline Brace