Racing this weekend for Running Rewards

Reward Running Scheme Image

Pinch and a punch it's the end of the month - and that means the last weekend in June to reduce your handicap score and get in on the prizes for Reward Running.

Reward Running, sponsored by adidas and Sennheiser, rewards the runners who improve their handicaps the most each month. The most improved receive an adidas miCoach and the rest of the top ten a set of Sennheisher headphones. There are also spot prizes each month and this month we will reward those in 3000th and 4000th places.

Within the top ten, one place is reserved for the most improved in each of the four handicap categories:

1: 5 or under
2: 6-12
3: 13-20
4: 21 or above

There is also one place reserved for the most improved runner that has run at least 10 races in the year before the competition month.

To enter the main competition, runners need to have done at least three races in the year before the current month.

Malcolm Cook is currently leading the competition. He has improved his score by 7.095 points by running a superb 5k time at the Shorne Woods park run and then a 10k at Medway in 44:44. Malcolm is in category 3.

Other category leaders are:

Category 4: Ruth Brown

Category 2: Martin Waite

Category 1: Robert Windard

Can you knock any of these off their perches this weekend?!