Rebecca Robinson sets lowest female handicap score at the Telford 10k

Rebecca Robinson

The Telford 10k, that took place on Sunday, produced nine out of the top ten men's and six out of the top ten women's road performances of the week.

Photo by Brian Smith


Rebecca Robinson (handicap -0.5) got a net score, for this event, of -0.8 and knocked 0.1 off her handicap score for her time of 33:23. The course was given an SSS of 0.4, suggesting that conditions were less than ideal. This took Rebecca up the women's National Ladder to 35th.

Behind her, Sarah McCormack (handicap 2.1) ran 33:41, taking a massive 2.1 off her score and Jane Potter (handicap 2.1) also knocked a good chunk from her score (0.8) for her time of 34:17.

The men's race was won by John Beattie (handicap -4.9). Although his time was under 30 minutes (29:55), the net score was -4.6 and his performance wasn't rated as highly as his previous performance at the British Athletics Cross Challenge on 29 November. His score actually fell slightly (from 5.0). John is currently 22nd on the National Ladder.

Second place went to Steve Mitchell (handicap -4.6). Steve's time of 30:03 gave him a net score of -4.5 but his handicap score tends to be higher in the summer, when he's racing on the track and gets as high as -5.8 each summer.

On the other hand, Kevin Seaward (handicap -4.6), ran a personal best time of 30:04 and took 0.5 off his handicap score.

The top men's performance of the weekend, however, came from Richard Goodman (handicap -3.8). Richard's performance of 15:36 at the Hampstead Heath parkrun gave him a net score of -4.9, a score that isn't unfamiliar to Richard, He achieved a score of -6.1 when he won the Inter Country Cross Country Championships in the spring but hasn't raced since, apart from this weekend and 22 November at the Hampstead Heath parkrun. We hope to see him back in full flow soon!

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