Fastest 5k of the decade at the Mid Cheshire 5k

Robbie Simpson

The fastest 5k of the decade was run by Marc Scott at the Mid Cheshire 5k on Thursday. 


Mid Cheshire 5K, Kingsley

Marc Scott (handicap -6.1) showcased his fine form on a fast 5km course in Kingsley, Cheshire, when he won in13.45. This was the fastest road 5km run in this country by a British athlete this decade. Lewis Moses (handicap -5.3) was second with Dejene Gezimu (handicap -4.9) third.

The Howarth sisters Lauren (handicap 0.9) and Abigail (handicap 0.6), were split on the podium by Eleanor Davis (handicap -0.7) as Lauren won in 16:05.  

Other notable recent results-

Robbie Simpson (handicap -4.0) (pictured) won the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen 10k in 30:01

Kristian Jones (handicap -5.4) won the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Half Marathon in 66:35.