Reward Running - hotter than July

Reward Running Scheme Image

How is your running going this month? Are you on fire - just like the temperatures have been?

If so, you need to make sure you have entered the July competition for Reward Running.

Sponsored by adidas and Sennheiser this competition rewards those who drop their handicap score by the most with an adidas miCoach or Sennheiser headphones.

Within the top ten, one place is reserved for the most improved in each of the four handicap categories:

1: 5 or under
2: 6-12
3: 13-20
4: 21 or above

There is one place reserved for the most improved runner that has run at least 10 races in the year before the competition month and there are two spot prizes each month.

To enter the main competition, runners need to have done at least three races in the year before the current month.

Rob Kevan is currently leading the competition with a handicap improvement of 2,361. Rob is in category 3 where the competition is particularly fierce. The top four are all category 3 and close on his heels is Mark Love who has improved by 2.215

Other category leaders are:

Category 4 - John Dally

Category 2 - Marc Doyle

Category 1 - Michael Ainsworth

You have to be in it to win it, so if you've not already signed up, do it without delay! Good luck - you could soon me running to your favourite summer tunes!