run angel launch the loudest, smallest personal safety wearable

run angel watch

In an era when those who shout the loudest often get heard the most, comes a safety wearable that boasts a 120dB high-pitched alarm when activated – that's like standing in front of speakers at a summer festival!

run angelTM is an innovative safety wrist wearable that not only emits a very loud alarm to attract attention in an emergency, but also pairs with Smartphone devices over Bluetooth to send out emergency alerts.

“run angelTM provides an effective safety solution unlike any other product on the market. At the centre of angelTM is its unique acoustic sound chamber design, a design engineered by acoustic and sound level industry experts” says Ellen Caren, Co-Founder of run angelTM.

The run angelTM companion iOS & Android app* allows users to set up a guardian network providing peace of mind to family & friends who will be notified upon an activation by SMS & email, showing the date, time and location of the wearer.

The alarm can also be triggered directly from the app and silent alerts can be sent to your guardians without the alarm sounding on the device. A call for help should warrant immediate results, especially if there is a threat to your person or if you suffer injury and require help – all it takes is one press of run angelTM to sound the alarm & send out alerts.

run angelTM will appeal to joggers, walkers, students, overseas travellers, night-shift workers and those returning home after a night out.



• 120dB loud alarm

• High-pitch tuned frequency to attract greater attention in an


• One-touch activation

• Pairs with smartphones over Bluetooth Low Energy

• SMS and email alerts detailing time, date and map link

• Rechargeable battery

• 1 hour alarm duration at 120dB

• 3 week battery life

• LED and sound status warnings including SOS light beacon

• Remote activation from mobile application

• Patent pending acoustic chamber design

• Manufactured in UK & Ireland

run angelTM is available from with a RRP of £85 / €99 /$105 with hard shell travel case and free worldwide shipping.


For more information please contact:

UK: Gillian Wright by email

IRE: Ellen Caren by email


*run angelTM is compatible with iOS iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6+, 7 running iOS 9 and above and with Android phones running Android 4.4 and above