Run Balmoral to return in 2022

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Organisers have contacted us to regretfully announce that Run Balmoral will not be held in 2021 - but the event will return in 2022. This year’s popular road and trail races were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it has been decided that is is still too risky to proceed with the 2021 event, which was scheduled for next April.

Run Balmoral Chair James Knowles said:"It was a tough decision to take and one we haven't taken lightly but there's still so much uncertainty over how the coronavirus might develop over the winter months, and how that might lead to a continuation of restrictions on large participation sporting events, that we felt unable to plan ahead with any confidence.

            "Every year we need to commit to significant expenditure well in advance of the races, setting up and maintaining online registration systems, buying medals and t-shirts and ordering equipment.

            "We suffered a significant loss this year and simply cannot afford for a similar situation to develop in 2021 as that would put the long-term survival of the event at risk.

            "It would also be unfair on the thousands of runners who support our event every year if we had to cancel once again at short notice.

            "Nor do we want to let down our sponsors, who have given us loyal support throughout, or the charities with whom we have worked with so successfully for many years.

            "Runners who have already deferred their entries to 2021 will be offered the option of deferring again, until 2022, or getting a refund."

            Knowles added that every option had been explored in a bid to put the races on.

            He said: "The London marathon has, next year, moved from its traditional April date to a new one in October and the Manchester marathon has also shifted from Spring to Autumn.

            "Unfortunately that's not an option at Balmoral as the estate isn't available at other times of the year.

            "Other running events are planning to go ahead with significantly scaled down numbers of competitors to meet physical distancing rules, and with no spectators allowed.    

            "At the moment there is a limit of 200 participants, including officials, at events. I'm afraid that wouldn't be a viable number at Balmoral.

            "We also have to consider the safety of runners, their supporters and the hundreds of volunteers who help us every year. The local community on Deeside is very supportive of the event and we need to be aware of their concerns as well. All of this is of paramount importance.

            "We are extremely disappointed to have taken this decision but is one which will secure the longer-term future of this event which was first held in 1998.

            "The 2022 event has been pencilled in for the weekend of April 23-24."