Run England Flying High

Run England Flying High

Run England recently welcomed its 50,000th member and, to celebrate, tracked him down to learn about his running journey, discovering that running helps him not only to relax and keep his feet on the ground but also to improve his fitness for a very different pastime.

As the 50,000th member of Run England, David Brothers from Kent was the lucky winner of an adidas miCoach device.


Run England is the official England Athletics recreational running project which aims to encourage more people to get active through running by offering registered groups, marked out 3-2-1 routes, a regular eRunner newsletter and special offers for members. Run England is free to join and welcomes everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, aspiration, background, or location.


David revealed that his main hobby was aerobatic flying – the practise of performing scintillating aircraft manoeuvres which he carries out in a biplane as part of the ‘Trig Aerobatic Team’.


Like many Run England members, David is new to running. He runs several times a week as a form of relaxation and recently joined MoorEnergy Runners in Westerham, Kent. He runs with the group every Tuesday evening through the nearby countryside and aims to complete his first 10K event this weekend!


David said: “I find regular jogging is a great way to gain cardiovascular fitness to support my aerobatic flying. I also find regular exercise helps keep me fit, healthy and motivated.


“I look forward to testing the miCoach during some aerobatics to see what I am actually putting my body through.”


Run England groups allow people to run in a supportive, beginner-friendly environment and take many forms such as beginner groups at affiliated athletics clubs, workplace groups and school run groups for mums – to name just a few.


More than 2,000 qualified leaders have registered their running groups with Run England, allowing them to benefit from publicity on Run England’s online group finder map, insurance, useful downloads exclusive to group leaders and the support of the Run England team.


Many of these group leaders have undertaken a Leadership in Running Fitness course – a one day training course designed to give candidates the opportunity to develop skills in leadership within a running group. 


Trained group leaders include super-fit celebrity Nell McAndrew – who went on to run the fantastic time of 2:54.39 at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon shortly after completing her course – and just last month Britain’s second fastest female marathon runner ever, Mara Yamauchi, also became a qualified leader and hopes to use her qualification to inspire others to run.


Mara said: “The Leadership in Running Fitness course was informative, challenging and lots of fun. I learned a huge amount in just one day, and it was great to swap running stories and tips with the other participants. I feel this course has equipped me very well with the leadership skills I need to encourage others to enjoy running. I would definitely recommend this course – excellent tutors, well-organised, and packed with useful information.”


Run England also provides a range of marked out running or jogging routes across the country that anyone can have a go at through its 3-2-1 project. There are now more than 100 routes across the country, which are all searchable, along with groups, on the Run England website.


Run England aims to make it easier for anyone to get running – whether it is the support of a trained group leader, the encouragement of a running group or a marked local route - there is a reason for everyone to run!


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runbritain is currently waiting to reward the 40,000th handicap claimant with an adidas miCoach. If you haven't yet signed up or know someone who hasn't then get onto it today. We hope it won't be long before we welcome number 40,000!