'Run Smart' to achieve your running goals this autumn

Run Smart Book Cover

Run Smart is the new book by runner and Professor, John Brewer. Using science to improve performance and expose marathon running's greatest myths. Retailing at £12.99 and  published by Bloomsbury on 21st September 2017 it promises to reveal something for all!  

Professor John Brewer is uniquely well placed to write this book. In addition to being one of the leading sports scientists in the country, he is a veteran of 19 marathons and has prepared celebrities like Sophie Raworth, Susannah Reid, Greg James and Sian Williams for their races. He paced each of them to their target times at the Virgin Money London Marathon.

The book is laid out in very easy-to-read segments but along the way de-bunks dozens of urban myths about marathon running that will reassure newcomers. You know the sort of thing "Bill from over the road says marathon training will take over your life" or Mavis at work says "Marathon training is boring."

As you would expect, there is strong sports science to back up all of the advice, guidance and training suggestions. Some of this is familiar. Some of it represents a quite different take on marathon preparation - especially the section on the role of sleep. The photography used throughout the book is particularly inspiring. Hats off to the picture editor.

The book will be available for purchase around the same time that the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon public ballot results are known. Whether you are one of the 50% first timers or looking to finally break 3.30 next year, this a very comprehensive and motivating marathon manual and a good read.