run2work launches petition for running shoes and equipment for running to work to be tax free


run2work, who want to help 1 million more people get active and running by 2020, has launched a petition ( for the Government to introduce legislation to enable employers to offer employees tax-free running shoes and equipment.

run2work claims:


  • People could save between 32%-42% on the annual cost of running to work through employer tax-free run to work schemes. Using an annual cost of running to work of £300, including replacement running shoes and equipment such as ruck sacks and reflective jackets, people would save over £100 a year on the cost of running to work.

  • The cost of a tax-free Run to Work scheme would be just 0.02% of the annual NHS budget.

  • A tax-free Run to Work scheme would incentivise more people to run to and from work. 750,000 people cycle to work in the UK, of whom over half a million people have joined tax-free cycle to work schemes, with the financial incentive being the biggest driver to sign up, and 61% claiming they didn’t cycle to work before joining the scheme (source: Cycle to Work Alliance).

  • Incentivising running to work can help address the record lows of physical activity in the UK, the growing obesity crisis, reduce transport congestion and pollution, and help employers reap the benefits of a healthier workforce.

  • The tax-free run to work incentive could be delivered via an annual allowance for employees registered with an employer Run to Work scheme, with items purchased through approved retailers.

  • Running to work is quicker than people think. For example, the average running time between any of London’s Zone 1 stations is just 16 minutes (at 9 miles per hour), and only 28 minutes at a slow jog (at 5 miles per hour)


run2work has created a route planner showing how long it will take people to run to any destination in the UK at jogging, medium and faster pace via the most direct route, lets people share routes and set up run2work Facebook groups, so they can connect and stay motivated with people at work or home.


Speaking about the launch of the e-Petition, Gordon Lott of run2work said: “Running to work, whether part or all the way, is an easy way for people to build physical activity in to their daily routine. Legislation to allow employers to provide tax-free run to work schemes would incentivise people to start running to work, and with levels of physical activity in the UK at record lows and over-crowding on public transport, this should be high on the Government’s agenda. Cycling to work is tax free, so why isn’t running to work? We ask people sign the petition and help us persuade the Government to make running to work tax-free.”


To sign the e-petition visit: . Follow on Twitter @r2wGroup and join


For further enquiries, please contact or +44 (0) 7775 848 525.