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Paralympic Games-fever will soon grip the nation (and the entire World!) and fill the void left by the London 2012 Olympic fact the official Opening Ceremony takes place tomorrow evening (Wednesday 29 August).


The great news however, is that you appear to have already been inspired and motivated by the Olympic Games - in fact on Saturday 18 August record numbers of you take part in parkrun events across the UK (almost 20,000 of you!) - but it’s important now for you to maintain your new found enthusiasm and build on it.

If you’re not already familiar with it, you can find some valuable training advice on our Sennheiser training site which is easy to use and is split into sections to help you find what’s most relevant to you.

*The runfurther section gives you guidance on how to train aerobically and how it will work for you

*The runfaster section offers advice on how to run faster for longer

*The runstronger section will give you ideas on training sessions that you can do to build your strength endurance so that the occasional hill or stiff breeze requires little extra effort

*The runsmarter section is our guide to attaining mental running power

*The runsmoother section is all about technique and running efficiency

*The runwithrhythm section looks at what music can do for you; academic research confirms that listening to music can lower perception of effort, increase motivation and enhance performance!

In addition to all of the above, you can also check out the runbritain Training Wizard!

The latest articles to be published on the site today focus on running further (runfurther section)! We have a variety of new articles to publish over the course of this week, but we thought we’d jump right in at the deep end since you’re all so inspired and desperate to get moving!

runfurther: Ultra running

For some runners the marathon is just not far enough! Once you have ticked the marathon off your list of 'must do before I die' what will you aim for next? Maybe it will be an ultramarathon.

What is an ultra?

An ultra-marathon is an event longer than the standard marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Ultras usually take one of the following forms:

*An event where the challenge is to run and/or walk a set distance as fast as you can, such as the Comrades Marathon, an 87km held each June in South Africa

*An event where the challenge is to run and/or walk as far as possible within a specific time, for example a 24 hour race.

*A stage race where the challenge takes place over several days, like the Tour de France

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runfurther: High mileage

How many miles a week do you run? Are you a mileage maniac or do you believe in quality not quantity. Your optimum mileage will depend on your training background, your physical robustness and your running goals.

What you do in 2013 should be determined by what you did in 2012. Many runners have found that improvement has come when they have increased the number of miles they run over a period of time, but the key is to progress it carefully. Sudden increases in volume or intensity could be asking for trouble.

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