Running handicap claimants approaching 100,000 as the runbritain community continues to expand

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We are fast approaching 100,000 handicap claimiants as the runbritain community continues to expand. If you have not claimed your handicap, then you could help us reach our six-figure milestone!   

runbritain's revolutionary handicap scoring system (a bit like a golf handicap!) is designed to give distance runners, of all levels, the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains. The system rewards good performances but also factors in the degree of difficulty for slower courses as well as rewarding regular racing and so, to prevent your handicap from slipping you need to turn out regularly for races or parkruns.

Have you checked whether your handicap score has gone up, down or stayed the same after your run this weekend?  

On a wet weekend that saw over 50 parkruns cancelled the bigger events included: 

ECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships

- 3,000*

Richard Burton 10K

- 1,937

RunThrough Tatton Park Half Marathon

- 976*

Bideford 10

- 829

Bushy park parkrun

- 804

Guy Fawkes 10

- 797

Provisional *

If you haven't already done it, claim your handicap score without delay!