runrobustly: new Sennheiser training content

Two new articles have been published in the runrobustly section of the Sennheiser Training Zone focusing on running ailments and food for thought!

The two latest articles are summarised below. For the full articles, follow the ‘read more’ links after each one!

If you’re not already familiar with it, the Sennheiser Training Zone - which is now fully integrated into the new-look runbritain site - is easy to use and is split into sections to help you find what’s most relevant to you.

*The runfurther section gives you guidance on how to train aerobically and how it will work for you

*The runfaster section offers advice on how to run faster for longer

*The runstronger section will give you ideas on training sessions that you can do to build your strength endurance so that the occasional hill or stiff breeze requires little extra effort

*The runsmarter section is our guide to attaining mental running power

*The runsmoother section is all about technique and running efficiency

*The runwithrhythm section looks at what music can do for you; academic research confirms that listening to music can lower perception of effort, increase motivation and enhance performance!

Also, we’re soon going to be launching a seventh section - runsafer - which we hope will be up and running in the next week or two. With the nights (and days!) getting increasingly dark, we’re planning to publish a selection of articles to keep you safe when you’re out running.

runrobustly: Running ailments

It is generally accepted that runners are healthier than the average person, but running can put you more at risk of succumbing to illness and injury. The trick is getting the right amount and type of training at the right time, but even the most careful and sensible runners will be struck down with some kind of injury or illness from time to time so it is worth considering what they may be and how you might deal with them.

A useful book to have on your shelf is Running Doc's guide to healthy running by Lewis G. Maharam, MD "The Running Doc" gives you a comprehensive guide to running injuries and illnesses and how to deal with them. Here are a few common complaints and tips on how to treat them, some from the book and some from our experience at runbritain.

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runrobustly: Food for thought

The fuel that you put into your body should be a prime consideration in your life and even more so because you're a runner. Food is a major contributor to your energy levels, physical well-being and growth, concentration, mood, sleep and more. You need to eat the right things at the right time to get the best out of yourself.

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