Savings to our sport almost £100k

As the autumn road racing system gets into full swing, the runbritain online road race entry system continues its position as the fastest-growing and the lowest cost system in Britain with almost £100k saved so far this year.

The runbritain service is free, to the extent that it only applies the charges levied by the runner’s card operator. There is no admin fee or surcharge to the entrant. A new button on the website home page shows that the savings to the sport so far this year are already above £95,000. The average UK road race entry fee for unattached runners is £14. At this level, the runbritain saving per runner averages £1.27.

After serving 325 licensed road races in 2012 (46,000 runners), the numbers rose to 360 events and 67,000 runners last year. A further surge has already seen it adopted by well over 400 races in 2014 and on schedule for more than 100,000 runners by December.

If you are the race director of a UKA-licensed event, give the free system a trial for 2015, where there are already a host of events listed for the spring. You can use it for some or all of your maximum field size. For optimum entry traffic, put a link directly from your race website homepage to the runbritain online entry page. That’s how races like the Admiral Swansea Bay 10k have ensured that they reach full capacity in the quickest possible time in recent years.

If you are a runner, help save yourself and the sport money by using the runbritain system for your future racing plans.

If you are a licensed race director and would like more information about the benefits, contact