Scottish Athletics shares roadmap back to group athletics activity

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Scottish Athletics have reminded members that group training should not be happening at this stage with facilities closed. A return is likely to be phased– starting with small numbers. 

scottishathletics are pleased to share a framework which lays out the road map for a return to group athletics.

The document, available via the download below, sketches out some of the steps which may be required in what is expected will be a phased return.

Exit Plan Framework- 14 May 2020

scottishathletics are keen at this juncture to stress that this is not a definitive plan but a framework document that gives athletes, coaches, clubs, officials and volunteers a picture for the move out of lockdown and other restrictions.

Chief executive Mark Munro has emailed all clubs with a copy of the document.

Everything that may happen will be absolutely in line with Scottish Government advice and guidelines. 

Further details on this link