scottishathletics Virtual Challenge a resounding success across the nations

15 min challenge scotland

The latest  scottishathletics Virtual Challenge  asked athletes to run for 15 minutes and record their distance – and what a response from the endurance community across many nations! From London and Leeds to Lerwick. From the Western Isles to the Netherlands. From Gala to Glasgow people are running the 15 minute running challenge.

Over 1100 athletes at various ages and stages undertook their solo runs and submitted distances on mainlands of the UK, the island athletics communities and well beyond the home of this initiative in Scotland.

The Virtual Challenges are geared to be both fun and semi-competitive and that’s why there are some rules as well as the obvious Government guidelines (e.g. social distancing).

It is not possible to replicate ‘championship conditions’ when every runner is clearly using a different course but we are very keen to try and help folk keep fit and maintain focus.

At this juncture please can we say a big thank-you to a 15-strong team of scottishathletics Endurance Officials who, led by our Events team, have scrutinised over 1100 performances.

The download here has a whole range of the different categories:

Distance Challenge 1 Full Results