Sennheiser headphones to reward places 1,000 and 2,000

Reward Running Scheme Image

How are you doing with your handicap score? Is it going in the right or wrong direction or maybe it's flatlining?! Fear not! If you're not able to see your progress graph leaping and bounding towards zero for this month we will award Sennheiser headphones to places 1000 and 2000 in Reward Running as spot prizes!

At present, John Winterburn is sitting at number 2000 after running his first race at the Bristol 10k and John Oram, who is recovering after running the Brighton Marathon last month is in position 1000. John Oram has improved his handicap score by 0.06 this month and in April improved by 0.9. Anything could happen between now and 31 May though so if you haven't signed up yet make sure you do it today!

Reward Running rewards the runners who improve their handicap the most each month with an adidas miCoach or a set of Sennheisher headphones but  it also awards spot prizes each month and this month we are announcing which positions will receive these in advance!

To enter the main competition, runners need to have done at least two races in the year before the current month. However, you are still eligible for our two spot prizes if you are new to running.

May is a great month for making a difference to your handicap score with two long weekends and many evening races getting underway for summer.

Will you finish up at number 1000 or 2000? Make sure your name is down for rewards this month!