Sennheiser training site: another set of new articles

SennheiserWe’ve added yet another four new articles to the Sennheiser training site to give you variety - and quality - in your training.

runstronger: Go Green

The surface most likely to injure or damage a runner through over-use, is concrete followed closely by the substance that our roads are made of - asphalt. We were not designed to run on such hard surfaces, so why run there? Why not get off the road and onto the grass or trails that offer a far more forgiving surface? Your legs and shoes will thank you for it so read on....

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runstronger: Oregon Circuit

This session gets its name from the University of Oregon in the USA where it was first invented. It involves fast running interspersed with circuit type activities like press ups, sit ups and squat thrusts. If you have a 'trim trail' that would be the perfect place as you could sprint between the stations where you perform the exercises. Alternatively, sprint between two points approximately 20 seconds apart and perform exercises for around 20 seconds after each sprint. It is a good idea to sort the exercises into upper body, core and legs and perform one of each in order, for example, press ups, sit ups, squat thrusts, tri dips, back extensions, step ups...

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runstronger: Learn to love the hills!

Hills can make you stronger, faster and more efficient! Just think about it: every time you run up a hill you are running against a resistance and so building strength- endurance, if you push hard up the hill you will move more like a sprinter and so build speed-endurance and you will be practicing picking up your knees and driving your arms so that you practice a better running technique. These are three good reasons to incorporate hills into your training runs.

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runstronger: Can you resist it?

In order to develop strength runners need to apply force against a resistance. The intensity and frequency of the force will dictate the type of strength that is developed:

Maximum strength is the greatest force that is possible in a single maximum contraction.

Strength endurance is the ability to express force many times over.

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