Sennheiser Training Zone can help you run miles faster, miles further, miles stronger...


Summer is here (we hope!) and so no need to wrap up with the layers of clothing that make you feel sluggish and slow. It's time to enjoy shorter distances and faster times!

This is the time of year when evening race series kick in with distances of 5k, 10k and shorter still. This month we also have the Bupa Westminster Mile races to look forward to. If you haven't trained for these shorter distances before, fear not! Our Sennheiser Training Zone has all the advice you need, whether you want to be able to runfurther, runfaster, runstronger, runsmoother, runsmarter, runrobustly, runsafer or runwithrhythm!

We also have our Training Wizard on call to set you a bespoke training programme. For example, if you are training for a mile you need to tell the wizard:

Your target

  • Get round
  • 8 minutes
  • 7 minutes
  • 6 minutes

Your training focus for the week

  • Build aerobic base - if you are starting from a low fitness level
  • Build strength-endurance - if you start quickly but can't keep the pace to the end of the race
  • Build speed-endurance - if you can get round and now want to make your legs turn over to hit your target time
  • Improve running economy - if your running technique could be better

Whether you want an easy, moderate or hard week

The Wizard will then set you a bespoke programme for the week.

Let's see how much faster, stronger, fitter you can be this summer!