Six weeks into the new year - time to get stronger?

Anglesey Coastal Path

Now that we are six weeks into the new year, it may be time to add strength work into your programme. Many runners started a new training programme at the beginning of the year. A general rule of thumb is to chunk your training into six-week blocks, each with a focus.

Why six weeks? Generally speaking, it takes six weeks for the body to adapt to new training and so, if you have put in a good base phase, you should be seeing a difference now and perhaps be ready to add a new stimulus.

Generally, runners begin by building an aerobic base, move onto strength-endurance and then speed-endurance. So, if you've had enough time to get a good few miles under your belt and are happy with your aerobic fitness it is probably time to start looking towards the hills, running off road, circuit training, running in sand, running into the wind, running in water, running against any kind of resistance!

Check out our runstronger section for inspiration and ideas on how to include strength-endurance in your programme. Now that the days are getting longer you may be able to vary your terrain and this will prepare you for running on surfaces other than track and road and enable you to branch out into cross country and trail races.