Sixpad unveils next generation EMS training range

ab belt

Leading Japanese beauty and wellness technology company MTG has launched its latest range of SIXPAD electrical muscle stimulation devices. Cristiano Ronaldo is one icon that has endorsed this product. 

The new EMS product range will deliver a unique 23-minute workout at the optimum training frequency of 20Hz, boasting new features and functionality. 


SIXPAD’s EMS technology works by transmitting external electrical stimuli to the muscles in the body, causing them to contract and relax just as they would during exercise.


The new product line-up, including updated versions of Abs Fit and Body Fit, no longer require button cell and are rechargeable and will act as a valuable training tool to runners in developing aspects such as core stability and strength, supporting lean muscle development.


Each device is now equipped with Bluetooth and can be connected to a SIXPAD training app, which is available via both the Google Play and Apple App stores. By synchronising the SIXPAD device with a mobile device, users can visualise their muscle training from start to finish. Customers can also use their mobile device to operate their SIXPAD, with the ability to increase and decrease their training settings.


SIXPAD’s product line-up includes:


Abs Fit 2 – designed to train and develop muscles in the abdominals


Body Fit 2 – designed to deliver a full body workout on waist, arms, legs and oblique muscles


Arm Belt – designed to exercise the biceps brachii and the triceps brachii


Leg Belt – designed to exercise the quadriceps, adductor muscles and the hamstrings


Abs Belt – combines the Abs Fit 2 and the Body Fit 2, designed to exercise the whole abdominal region including the obliques


Building on its knowledge of the body and muscle development, SIXPAD has also unveiled its first range of training suits. The SIXPAD training suit range is designed to tone and develop muscle, allowing runners to optimise their training through an innovative fabric that applies moderate resistance to everyday movements, stimulating muscle activity to a level that is 1.3 times the normal level.


A simple bending and straightening of the arm or leg encounters resistance that effectively trains the muscles. This is possible through the flexibility of the fabric used for the SIXPAD Training Suit, which is designed to continuously apply moderate resistance against the actions of the muscles. For example, when wearing the SIXPAD Training Tights, the muscle activity level of the hamstring muscles is increased by about 1.3 times when compared to not wearing the tights.


Masafumi Arakawa, Director of MTG UK said: “The SIXPAD range has transformed the EMS market since launch in the UK two years ago and our new product range looks set to do the same. The new products are designed to optimise the training of our customers.”


SIXPAD is available for purchase at or at their flagship store in Westfield White City.