Snow running for us!

John Walker in snow

The winter weather may have cancelled or postponed many of the events scheduled for this weekend but runners all over the UK were not put off as they ploughed on with their training programmes.

Yesterday saw runners out and most enjoyed it with a few struggling on icy stretches. Take a look at our facebook page for a snapshot of how things were out there yesterday and for some good tips on running in the snow. Here is a summary of the good, the tough and the tricky:

The Good

Peter Hall - 8 miles at steady, slower than normal pace. gave me a chance to look around and enjoy the scenery

Tony Colver - yessee, 11 miles and it was fantastic, 12 from Bexley AC, soft snow and a great snowball effort!!

Simon Edwards - Replaced the cancelled Brass Monkey Half, with a run with friends down the Trans Pennine Trail from Dunford Bridge past Penistone and returning, ticked off the 13 miles, conditions underfoot were spot on with fresh snow. Awesome.

Tricia Murray - Best ever - absolutely gorgeous loved every second of it :o)

Robert Givnan - 13 miles along the beach with Liverpool Running Club.

Natalie Bull Davidson - 9 high knee lifted miles in the fresh and soft white snow covered countryside - hard to beat.

Andrew Jarvis - 6 miles actually surprisingly quick in the woods...did go for spikes though great help!

Tim Smith - 12 miles off road today through the forest- fantastic! Only other tracks were from animals!!

Lucille Corrigan - 5 fantastic miles, loved every stride. I never imagined it would be such a great experience. I used to dread snow, now i feel it gives me a new challenge, my first year of snow running xxx

Mitch Brown - 8.6 miles and loved every inch of it, I just love running in the snow, unfortunately we don't get that many opportunities to do it in this country, especially down here in the South East. So lets make the most of it while we can ;o)

Marilyn Craggs - think ive put in more miles this week because of the it and such a change from pounding pavements.Always go offroad too in lovely virgin snow.Happy Bunny;-)

Nigel Sarjudeen - 8.5 miles on Brighton & Hove seafront - mixture of clear road, soft snow and slush but thankfully no ice

The tough

Tom Mullen - 3 miles there then a 14 miler with some hardy club-mates up on the south downs. Stunning but limited visibility for last few miles!

Elliott Thomas - 11 miles through slushy ice, slowest I've ever run...

Claire Lewis - 9 very slow miles in Cardiff in mainly extremely icy conditions. Bath Half in six weeks so hope conditions have improved.

Richard Cockbain - 21 miles in the cold and snow - tough going!

Naomi Newton-Fisher - Ran 13 yesterday & 8 today. I really need to get some trail shoes was beautiful but very hard going in my road shoes!

Simon Botten - Only 7.5 miles over sheet iced pavements but hard going on the legs!

Liz White - No - only one slip and game over - very slippy here, playing it safe!

Jeff Van Campen - 7 miles. It was more ice than snow this morning, though.

Susan Heaney - 10 hilly miles very hard work glad i did it tho got painful leg now.x


Tina Clarke - Hard work

Fintan Hunt - 19 glorious miles.. Well they feel glorious now that I'm finished.. Some tough moments out there

The tricky

Piper Grieveson - Nearly 15 on 2 dodgy main roads

Philip Rose - 12 miles of trying not to fall over

Anne Welton - 5mile this morning some walking over ice patches

Matt Payne - 5 miles this morning and it was eventful

Helen Reardon - Tricky (flooded towpath, angry geese) but my Yaktrax were amazing, managed usual Sunday pace!

Paul Brandon - 6 miles done wearing my spikes .. along the tow path at Tottenham London... Didnt see much just snow snow and more of that white stuff... Does pay to wear sun glasses through them drifts...

Bryan Harrod - 7 forward 3 back lol love it

Andrew Jarvis - 6 miles actually surprisingly quick in the woods...did go for spikes though great help!

John Walker - 10.3 miles but one fall and a black eye for my trouble. NOTE paths are safer than pavements

Martin Firth - 18 miles on snow and some great problems. Had to use portable ice claws on my running shoes for a few hilly miles. Just had to go a bit more carefully.