Steven Way at the top of the M40 ladder

Steven Way

We've been keeping a check on the runbritain National Running Ladder as great performances at the Commonwealth Games have altered things at the top of the men's and the women's (see news articles from earlier this week and last week) and also at the top of the M40 category as Steven Way (handicap MINUS 5.5) has just sneaked ahead of Anthony Whiteman (handicap MINUS 5.4).

Steven has been a huge inspiration to many as his running helped him to lose five stone in weight and give up smoking, and to be selected to represent England in the marathon event at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow at the age of 40. That event took place two weeks ago and he ran a personal best time of 2:15:16 and finished in 10th position, which moved his handicap from MINUS 5.3 to 5.5 and helped him to nip past Anthony Whiteman.

Both Steven and Anthony are British Record holders in the M40 category. Steven has the all-time best time in the marathon and Anthony has the all-time best time for 800m, 1500m and the mile.

Jo Pavey (handicap MINUS 2.6) is currently top of the W40 ladder as well as top of the overall women's ladder. Helen Clitheroe (handicap MINUS 1.6) who finished 11th in the 5000m at the Commonwealth Games, with a time o f 15:55 is second on the W40 ladder.

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