Still time to sign up for final race in the Grand Prix

Leeds Abbey Dash

The final race of the runbritain Grand Prix takes place on 16th November at the Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10k where the top ten male and female British Runners will win a share of £18,000.


At all six events that make up the Grand Prix, points are awarded for the first 250 finishing positions.  250 points are awarded for the first British finisher, down to 1 point for the 250th British finisher. Time bonuses are also available.

Up to the best four scores from the six available races count at the end of the  series. Have you been taking part in the Grand Prix? Will you be at this final event? If you haven't entered yet you can do so here.

In the men's competition, Scott Overall (handicap -5.5) has achieved a significant lead of 1398 points made up of 998 from finishing positions and 400 from time bonuses. He cannot be caught at this stage but the other ‘money places’ are up for grabs as 2nd - 8th positions see a spread of 861  - 1084 points from runners who have done at least four races. John McDonnell (handicap -4.4) sits just under that with 810 points after just three races and so is likely to move into the top three if he runs in Leeds.

In 20th and 21st we have Phil Wicks (handicap -4.6) and Ryan McLeod (handicap -4.8) who have 595 and 594 points respectively after just two races. Both could feasibly get into the top ten with a good performance at Leeds and into the top six with a time bonus. Their fate may depend on those that have only run in three races though as another result from runners such as Jack Martin (handicap -4.5)  (currently in 10th with 733 points) and Ben Fish (handicap -4.3)  (currently in 11th with 727 points) would fill those top ten places up.

The women’s competition is even more open with many of the contenders only having done three races to date and only Gemma Steel (handicap -2.6) with any bonus points but she has only done one race, the BUPA London 10000 where she got 250 points for winning and a further 100 bonus points for breaking 33 minutes. Emma Stepto (handicap -0.7) is currently at the top of the leader board with 987 points off four races.

Rebecca Robinson (handicap -0.6)  looks to be the most likely to steal the £3000 first prize as she is currently in 4th with 743 points off just three races and Jenny Jagger (handicap 0.3) and Rachel Felton (handicap 0.1) in 5th and 6th are looking almost as promising with 735 and 733 points respectively from three races. Those currently in positions from 7th - 11th have points ranging from 651 - 725 from three races and those from 12th - 38th place have points ranging from 360 - 497 from two races meaning that the top ten could change dramatically depending on who signs up for Leeds.

If a runner scores points in less than four Grand Prix events, their best two, three or single score counts towards the final standings.

Are you on the score board? Will you be running in this final event and will it move you up the board? To enter click here.