Stopforth leader of June Reward Running with nine days to go....

Reward RunningWith just over one week to go, previous number three Karen Stopforth, a regular parkrunner in the north east, has moved into the lead in the June Reward Running competition with a handicap of 24.

Junior athlete Paige Nealon of Peterborough remains in second but has reduced her handicap to 14.5, while Ben Sales has moved into third place with a handicap of 23.2.

David Howells (Chiltern), the half way leader, is now in fourth.

There’s still time to enter June’s edition of Reward Running and after bonus months in April and May, we have an even bigger and better bonus month in June with four spot prizes (Sennheiser headphones) up for grabs!

All the information you need is on the runbritain rankings site - including a link to May's winners!