The motion powered safety light for runners that never gives up

Million Mile Light

An ultra bright safety light for runners, that's powered by motion, has been launched on Kickstarter


Million Mile Light is a lightweight, ultra bright safety light for runners that’s powered by motion. Clip it on and run. No batteries or recharging required.


Launching the product, Tom Lawton, inventor of the Million Mile Light said, “We don't like planned obsolescence but we do like planned endurance. We think you should be able to run the world without costing the earth and the Million Mile Light is powered by you, to keep you safe - so you can shine bright and run the night.” 



As you run, this clever little light transforms your energy into a pulse of bright white light, to keep you visible when the daylight fades. Named the Million Mile Light because of its long-lasting and resilient design, it delivers a highly sustainable solution to personal running safety. Deliberately simple, this device is an effortless performer. Simply clip it on and run, confident that it will always help keep you visible and safe.


The husband and wife team behind Million Mile Light is seeking support to get the product to market and has launched a Kickstarter campaign. When in the shops, the product will retail for £19.99 ($30 USD) but Kickstarter supporters can pledge for them ahead of production for £15 (approx. $23.50 USD). Early birds can get their hands on one for a pledge of just £12 ($19 USD) and the team is looking to raise their target of £35,000 to get the Million Mile Light into production.


Million Mile Light sent Geoff Wightman, MD of runbritain, a sample to test. Click here to read what he said.