The Original Manchester Mile -in memory of David Coleman

Manchester Mile

If you want an accurate time for the Iconic MILE Distance,it's time to enter the Original Manchester Mile with electronic timing for all!!!

Manchester Harriers & A.C. are bringing back The Manchester Mile which was origianally run in 1943 until the early 1950's when Frank Evans won it 3 years on the row and gained the trophy outright.
The organisers need a minimum of 200 to take part from u15's through to Veterans, from fairly new sub 10min milers to those hope to get a British Milers Club time.

There will be a FREE - Commenorative T-Shirt to all competitors!!!- All for £7.50!!!

Previous Winners of The Manchester Mile Trophy:
1943 Sydney Wooderson 1944 C H Bunton 1945 CH Bunton
1946 P Harrison1947 C J Kelly 1948 A B Parker 1949 David Coleman 1950 Frank Evans1951Frank Evans 1952 Frank Evans
As you will see David Coleman, sports commentator and TV presenter, won it in 1949 and was the only non-international runner to do so. David recently passed away and the organisers have the support of his family to run the event in his memory as he was a member of Manchester A.C. in his athletic days.
Manchester Harriers & A.C. have teamed up with Manchester City Council Athletic Development Team to put the event on at the Sportcity Track on Wednesday 16th July.
Additionally, Manchester City Council Athletic Team will be holding a Manchester Schools event during the day with the mile event planned from 5.30pm to 9pm for under 15's to Seniors and Vets.
Please visit download an entry form here.
If you still need inspiration to take part in this event, have a look at this clip of Roger Bannister running the first four minute mile and notice how Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway work together to take Roger Bannister to the ultimate goal. Why not get together with some of your training partners and plan to break your chosen time barrier, whether it's four, five, six, seven.....?