Three days of racing this weekend!

Reward Running

It's bank holiday weekend and that means more race days and more chance to reduce your handicap score.

There are even a few races tonight and tomorrow night and so it's time to lace up your racing shoes and get yourself on the start line of whichever race or parkrun you've targeted this bank holiday weekend.

Reward Running, sponsored by Polar, rewards the runner who has improve their handicap score the most each month with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

David Jones (handicap 7.9) is currently leading the competition for August after making a 7.839 improvement already. He started the month on 15.8 and, after doing three parkruns on the three weekends we have had so far, gradually knocked down both his time (20:47, 20:46, 20:24) and his score (10.9, 9.3, 7.9). We will wait and see if he runs this weekend and brings his time down even further. His best time prior to this month was 21:05 that he did on 12 July. How are you doing this month? Could you give David a run for his money? We still have two weekends left and this weekend is a long one with plenty of opportunities to bring that score down!

If you haven't already signed up to Reward Running make sure you do it today! A pop-up will sometimes appear on any pages when browsing the rankings pages, if you haven't already entered, or you can enter on your profile page.

For top tips on how to prepare for your race this weekend visit our Training Zone.

In particular we have advice on race preparation, that will be useful to read today with advice on how to control anxiety, achieve optimal arousal and plan your race, and advice relating to race day: waking up, eating, warming up and more.

Good luck this weekend! We look forward to seeing your results.