Tom Farrell is keeping CALM to run 147 miles a week for charity

Tom Farrell RunVent

Tom Farrell is embarking on a great December Advent challenge of pyramiding his way up to 24 miles a day on December 24th  after starting out on a one mile run on December 1st.

The Advent challenge, "RunVent", in the lead up to Christmas will be a charity challenge.Tom will be running one mile on December 1st, befiore adding a mile a day until December 24th with a 24 mile run. For the mathematically minded, you will have worked out that means a total of 300 miles in 24 days, and a final seven days of 147 miles!

2020 has been a tough year for many and Tom saw it as a great opportunity to raise awareness and money for a mental health charity. Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is the chosen charity with details below.

Exercise and challenges can be a way to help mental health, or even just clear your head. All donatations are appreciated, and thank you very much if you able to do so. If not, it would be brilliant  if you shared this challenge and links.

If you're passionate about this cause please  join Tom and create your own 24 day increasing effort challenge, You can use Tom's fundraising page, detailed below, to raise money together  If doesn't matter if you haven't started on December 1st. You could, for example, increase your run by 1km each day starting in the second week or use an alternative exercise such as chin ups/press ups.

Follow Tom’s progress on the below platforms and get in touch if you are doing your own challenge, Message him and let him know!

Facebook:     TomFarrellGB Twitter:           @TomFarrellGB 
Instagram:     @tomfarrell1 

Let's do this!

Tom’s Charity Challenge Summary

24 days of advent, one mile increments!

Dec 1st - 1mile Dec 2nd - 2miles ....and finally on  Dec 24th – 24 miles

Charity Choice                     @theCALMzone

If you are able to donate, any amount would be hugely appreciated: