Top mileage for Graeme Miller

Graeme Miller

There is nothing quite like seeing your progress written down to motivate you to go out and do that next session and add that to your log too. Pretty soon you have your own story of success that you can look back on to see how far you've come!

Keeping a record of your training plays a huge part in keeping you on track towards your targets and goals. Not only is it motivational but it informs you of what works and what doesn't.

We are delighted to see that 1200 of you are regularly using the option to record your mileage on your runbritain profile page and we've checked up on those who are piling the mileage high!

Graeme Miller (handicap 0.9) recorded the top mileage for 2014 with a massive 3349.5 run throughout the year and, looking at his graph, we can see that Graeme plans his training sensibly: building up gradually over a few weeks before having an easy week and then building up again. After running the Bath Half Marathon in 77:52 last year, he built up to his heaviest mileage period as he worked towards the Virgin London Marathon , which he completed in 2:43:44. After Bath, he progressed the number of miles he ran per week as follows:

Week commencing 3 March - 106 miles

Week commencing 10 March - 110miles

Week commencing 17 March - 115 miles

Week commecing 24 March - 82 miles

Well done Graeme! We look forward to seeing what you do in 2015!

Darryl Coulter (handicap 7.0) recorded the second highest mileage for 2014 with 3132 and Tom Garrod (handicap 3.7) recorded the third highest score with 3103 miles run in 2014.

Congratulations to Graeme, Darryl and Tom. They were the only three to run over 3000 miles last year and record it on their profile page.

For more on why it's important to record your training click here.