Top tips for running up hills

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Running uphill can be challenging, but with good technique and training, you can become more efficient and effective at it. Here are some tips for running uphill:

1.      Shorten your stride: When running uphill, it's important to shorten your stride and take quicker, smaller steps. This will help you maintain your balance and reduce the impact on your joints. Overuse injuries are usually the result of poor technique or lack of recovery.

2.      Run tall and look ahead with a slight lean: With shorter steps and a tall posture this will help you maintain momentum and keep your centre of gravity over your foot. However, don't lean too far forward, as this can cause you to waste energy.

3.      Use your arms: Swing your arms rhythmically back and forth to help coordinate your legs and your step length up the hill. This can also help you maintain your balance. If you are training for speed you often exaggerate movements to build mobility via knee drive and stride length to also build strength endurance.

4.      Breathe rhythmically and deeply to enhance oxygen supply to your working muscles: When running uphill, it's important to breathe and maintain a steady rhythm.

5.      Stay relaxed: Try to stay as relaxed as possible while running uphill. Tension in your muscles can waste energy and make it harder to maintain your optimal technique.

6.      Train on hills: The more you practice running on hills, the better you will become at it. Gradually increase the incline and duration of your uphill runs to build endurance and strength.

7.      Invest in good footwear suitable for the terrain and weather. Quality footwear can make a big difference to your safety and enjoyment.

8.      If there is a path alongside steps, it is often easier to run on the path as you will not have to lift your knees as high and your step length and height will be more optimal. 


Remember to listen to your body and take breaks as needed. Running uphill can be tough, but with the right approach, you can conquer any hill! Remember also that your legs are like the gears on a bicycle, the steeper the hill the shorter your stride.