Top tips to finding the right sports bra

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Finding the right sports bra for you can be a challenge especially for newbies and those with changing dynamics either in adolescence or during and after pregnancy.  Have you got the right one and the best for your needs?

Whether it's a baby buggy stroll or a full marathon, every step you take could be causing irreversible damage. Research by bra company Berlei, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport, found that an unsupported modest bust can move up and down eight centimetres while running. For a bigger bust, analysis showed up to an agonising 19 centimetres of deviation.

The research showed that 35 per cent of women don't think they need a sports bra. However the breast moves no matter what you do – even walking does damage to the Cooper's ligament, which holds the breasts. And whether you are an A cup or an E cup, once the damage is done, it's damaged forever."

Finding the right bra can be a challenge, especially for those with larger cup sizes. A recent survey of 2000 women found 84 per cent of D-plus cup-sized women don't exercise because they can't find a bra that fits them. Almost 88 per cent of the women surveyed felt self-conscious about their breasts bouncing whilst exercising.

Some women give up on exercise and this is salient with older teenagers. Often they are in the wrong bra and in pain, they may think exercise will cause more pain or that sports bras aren't made in their size.
Even women who wear a sports bra may not be getting enough support.

Many women are wearing the wrong bra size and especially women who are D-cup and above according to research in developed nations.  Many women don't know how it feels to be wearing the right size bra.

The right sports bra makes a big difference to the lives of many runners, as some of these quotes highlight:

"I was doing spin classes, but I didn't feel supported. My breasts would be going everywhere and I was quite self-conscious about it. With the new bra, I felt I could really push myself.

"I've now lost five kg, and my goal is to keep losing weight and getting fitter. I enjoy sport now and look forward running. Finding that bra has made such a difference."

"I've seen larger-breasted women who used to have to hold their breasts to dash across the road get a good sports bra and take up running. It is imperative to remove barriers to women being healthy, and this is one that's really easy to solve."

You may ask what the best bra is, but the reality is there is no single answer. Women need to see what suits their shape.For an A or B cup, a crop top might be fine, but larger breasts need a bra with more support.

For women DD and up, a sports bra under a well-fitted crop top, with a strong, wide band, wide straps, good compressive material and a round neck, so the whole breast is covered, is often the solution.

When buying a bra, run on the spot or jump up and down. Look for a minimum of breast movement. You want the breasts to move with the trunk.

For yoga and similar low impact sports you may prefer a bra that offers more of a compressive design, like a crop top with added stretch, and for running you may choose a more supportive bra that uses both cups for separation, as well as the stretch, cropped compression design for hold and comfort.

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