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In 2015, 110,000 runners and 620 races used the runbritain free online entry system and early indications suggest that this will rise to 900 and 140,000 in 2016. Already, in 2016, we are up to £7,941 saved by runners on race entry charges using runbritain's online entry system.

The only charge incurred is the card charge which averages 60p per entry that goes directly to the card companies. Card charges are deducted at source and the balance of the entry fee is then transferred to the race.

In 2016, runbritain will licence more than 3000 road races and, in addition, all weekly parkruns are insured and licensed. There were five million event performances recorded in 2015. Make sure you are amongst them in 2016!

Check out our race calendar for your favourite races and the option to enter online for no cost other than the entry fee!