Virgin London Marathon, weird and wonderful!

BagpussI’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the London Marathon in a couple of different guises; twice as a competitor (I’d love to do it again if I get the chance...I’m convinced I have unfinished business out there...!), and six times as part of the media team.

The experience has varied enormously and it’s always brilliant, but there’s one common theme, there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re an elite athlete with a few marathons under your belt, one of the thousands that line the course yelling out their support, or you’re a marathon virgin (literally, in London’s case) in one of the greatest mass participation events on earth, you’re going to have a ball.

On Sunday, while thousands of runners made their way through the capital on foot, I had the pleasure of a free ride in the lead vehicle with a money-can’t-buy-view of the men’s race.

It’s hard to explain the excitement I feel each year as we move into position ahead of the start line. I’m nervous as we sit poised and ready to go, so I can just imagine what the elite runners must feel as they’re called forward by the announcer and cheered on by thousands - millions in fact - across the world. On reflection, I’d actually argue that it’s slightly easier on the mass start (not that I’ve run quick enough to experience an elite send off), but in the masses you’re essentially standing there, well hidden, with over 30,000 others feeling exactly the same!

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