Virtual Racing Updates

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The new normal is life through a virtual lens for many runners in 2021. Races are being assessed and listed via an algorithm, map and using various GPS devices which many will have received recently from Santa Claus! While we all thought it was just a 2020 thing, virtual competition is becoming the norm again.

Here, we highlight the latest results of some of the virtual races happening in the locations you prefer, which is the beauty of virtual competition.

The Centurion One Love 50k is a Valentine weekend virtual race. If you really enjoy longer challenges, and particularly a 31 mile challenge, then the Centurion One Love 50k could be perfect. This is the fourth virtual event in the One Community Series and offers athletes the chance to spend Valentine’s Day loving their running.

The event is over the weekend of the 14th February, and having spent so much time with others living with you during lockdown, it will be great to escape for a cheeky 50k! There is also a 21k and 5k.

England Virtual Relay Champs - Helping athletes stay connected with their team- mates at a time when club training has halted. This virtual championship pulls both men and women into the club team.

Fastest so far is Matt Dickinson (handicap -3.2) with 23:57 and Rebecca Johnson (handicap 0.8) fastest woman with 27:36 over 5 miles. Fastest times on this link.

The top 50 clubs will progress to round two in February with the winners of that round competing against the leading club from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There is still time to run as the event deadline has been extended due to recent conditions in the UK. Deadline is 23:59 on Wednesday 13th January!

Present leaders are Windsor Slough and Eaton Harriers with 3:41:47 for their 8 runners:

Daniel Brookling (24:19 & handicap -2.7),  Sebastian Cirillo (25:34),   Mark Vardy (25:46),  Simon Millett (25:54), Jasmine Young (29:04 & handicap 2.4),  Sarah Chapman (29:56 & handicap 0.4), Katie Clutterbuck (30:37),  Alex Barbour (30:37)

Scottish Athletics have been busy through 2020 organising many virtual races and challenges. The Lindsays Virtual Road Challenge includes time trials with Nynke Mulholland (29:03 & handicap 0.3) and James Donald (23:45 & handicap -4.7) the current leaders in the 8km challenge. Live results here

The Spine Race Virtual Event - The Spine Race is considered one of the world’s toughest endurance races. It tests athletes both physically and mentally. The event sees athletes race along the Pennine Way non-stop, battling the winter conditions and the British rugged landscape from Derbyshire to the Scottish borders.

The virtual challenge is open to runners across the world. Whilst the traditional event is 268 miles, the virtual ‘sprint’ offers athletes the opportunity to race over 26.8 miles. Athletes can log the distance they run, either at once or over multiple runs, and see their progress on a virtual map starting in Edale and finishing in the moorlands of West Yorkshire.

For those who want to embrace the full challenge as much as possible, a live weather feed allows you to imagine yourself running through those usual brutal conditions.

There are a few athletes racing each other along the full distance in ‘local areas’ to clock up 268 miles, mapping their virtual progress along the Pennine paths.and comparing their progress with their competitors.

UK runbritain rankings for endurance events and age groups 

Other results from the weekend are on the following links: 


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