Was love all around at your event this weekend?

The runbritain rankings system

We are pleased to bring you the results from this weekend on our results page and wonder if you shared a Valentine's event with your loved one?

The big events this weekend were:

Bushy parkrun - 1079 finishers

NECAA Road Relays - 729 finishers

Bramley 20 - 743 finishers

Bramley 10 - 644 finishers

St Valentine's 30K - 587 finishers

Village Bakery HM - 547 finishers

Did you take part in an event with your Valentine? Bushy Park parkrun had 1079 finishers on Valentine's morning and report that 480 of them share their surname with another runner, speculating that there could have been a fair few running couples getting their Valentine's day off to a good start!

Don't forget to check up on your handicap score after this weekend's events. Next week we start an exciting, new format of Reward Running and you need a handicap score to be in it and win it! Watch this space!!