Weekend races add 37,424 handicap scores to data base

The runbritain rankings system

It's been another big weekend for racing with many of you smashing your handicap scores with great performances for half marathon and 10k!

Since the weekend we have added the results of 214 races and are ready to add more as the race directors publish them. The numbers finishing in the big races of the weekend added up to almost 10,000:

Cambridge Half Marathon - 3386 finishers
Milton Keynes Half Marathon - 2734 finishers
St Helens 10K- 1162 finishers
Trafford 10K - 745 finishers
Milton Keynes 10K - 620 finishers
Lydd Half Marathon - 592 finishers
Run Northumberland Half Marathon - 529 finishers

Alyson Dixon  was the first woman to finish the Run Northumberland Half Marathon and she was fourth overall, coming home in a time of 75:05. This was slower than her Half Marathon time at Bath last week (71:20) but her handicap score stays the same at MINUS 0.6 because the SSS rating of the course and conditions in Northumberland (1.0) were more difficult than those at Bath (0.2). This clever system doesn't just look at your time and distance but checks out the conditions on the day and adjusts your score accordingly so your handicap score is a true reflection of your performance on that day.

If you raced this weekend and haven't found your handicap score yet make sure you sign up because the race that you ran in is most likely on the data base! Handicap scores range from MINUS 6.1 (Mo Farah) to 36 and you are somewhere in between!