Weekend results, including London, in full

Susan Partridge 2013

We are pleased to bring you a whole host of results from this weekend's races including the Virgin London Marathon on our results page

This weekend's races have added a massive 68,498 results to our handicap score database.

Since the weekend we have added the results of 210 races and are ready to add more as the race directors publish them. Here are some of the big ones:

Virgin London Marathon - 34,171 finishers

Titanic Quarter 10K - 1205 finishers
Bushy Park parkrun 5K Event 460 - 1008 finishers
Bolton 10K - 590 finishers
Poole parkrun 5K Event 109 - 504 finishers
Bramhall parkrun 5K Event 252 - 500 finishers
Coventry parkrun 5K Event 165 - 463 finishers
Heaton parkrun 5K Event 177 - 448 finishers
Glasgow parkrun 5K Event 218 - 442 finishers
Sheffield Hallam parkrun 5K Event 140 - 422 finishers
Newcastle parkrun 5K Event 168 - 422 finishers

If you haven't claimed your handicap score, waste no time because we are sure to have your results in our database. The handicap scoring system gives you the ability to compare your performances across a variety of distances and terrains, not only with yourself, but with your training partners by using our head-to-head function.

Susan Partridge was the first British woman to finish at London and she achieved the qualifying time for this year's World Championships with her 2:30:46. Alyson Dixon had attempted the time at Brighton the week before but has fallen just short with her 2:31:10 that also saw her take the plaudits for first British woman. She now has to wait to find out if she will be selected. Alyson now has a runbritain handicap of MINUS 1.0 and Susan is a few whiskers in front with MINUS 1.8

We had a look at how they compare on our head-to-head function and see that the win-loss-tie shows 3-3-0:

Susan's wins:

Virgin London Marathon, 25 April 2010. Susan 2:35:57. Alyson 2:43:48

IAAF World Championships Marathon 27 August 2011, Susan 2:35:57. Alyson 2:50:51

Bath Half Marathon. 3 March 2013, Susan 70:31, Alyson 71:21

Alyson's wins:

Bath Half Marathon. 6 March 2011. Alyson 72:30, Susan 76:47

Virgin London Marathon, 22 April 2012. Alyson 2:35:46, Susan 2:37:41

Leeds Abbey Dash, 18 November 2012. Alyson 32:53, Susan 33:20