Weekend results now live

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We are pleased to bring you the results from this weekend on our results page

The big events this weekend were:

Watford HM - 1807 finishers

Dewsbury 10K - 1075 finishers

Alsager 5 - 896 finishers

Bushy parkrun - 844 finishers

Ashford 10K - 580 finishers

Both the male and female winners of the Watford Half Marathon brought their handicap scores down: Paul Martelletti (handicap -5.0) reduced his by 0.1 and Victoria Knight (handicap 11.4) took a massive 4.1 off her score after not racing for almost a year.

The Brooks Alsager 5 also produced low scores. Ieuan Thomas (handicap -4.4), the men's winner, reduced his by 0.3 and Helen Clitheroe (handicap -0.8) shaved 0.1 off hers in her first outing of 2015.

Have you checked whether your handicap score has gone up, down or stayed the same after your run this weekend?