Weekend results now live

Wedding Day 7k

We are pleased to bring you the results from this weekend on our results page.

This weekend has been relatively quiet in terms of events but we have still managed to add 35,903 performances to our database from 242 races.

The biggest numbers came from:

Bushy Park parkrun 5K Event 474 - 823 finishers
Poole parkrun 5K Event 123 - 492 finishers
Glasgow parkrun 5K Event 232 - 442 finishers
Wedding Day 7K - 423 finishers
Bramhall parkrun 5K Event 266 - 409 finishers
Black Park parkrun 5K Event 214 - 391 finishers
Conkers parkrun 5K Event 121 - 387 finishers
Albert parkrun 5K Event 270 - 380 finishers
Newcastle parkrun 5K Event 182 - 378 finishers
Milton Keynes parkrun 5K Event 182 - 375 finishers

Scott Overall won the Wedding Day 7k by 30 seconds. Scott is currently sitting just outside the top 100 on the runbritain ladder and is 1st in his postcode area. Tish Jones was 1st woman and more than 2 minutes ahead of 2nd. She was also 7th overall and took 0.2 off her handicap score taking it from 0.4 to 0.2. She is currently 76th on the women's ladder and at the top for women in her postcode area and 2nd overall!

Well done to everyone who ran this weekend! There are now just a few mid-week races to go before the end of July. How are you doing in Reward Running? Will you be one of the winners of an adidas miCoach or Sennheiser headphones this month?