Who will be our 20,000th handicap claimant?


In October we rewarded Simon Lewis with an adidas miCoach pacer as he was our 15,000th runner to sign up to the Handicap Scoring System. We can now tell you that we are tantalisingly close to the 20,000 mark and have another miCoach for the runner who gets us to that milestone. If you haven't already done it, sign up today and enjoy being able to benchmark your progress across all distances!

We launched the Handicap Scoring System in September 2010. We had 5,000 runners using it by the end of that year, 10,000 by May and 15,000 by November. The figures indicate that we will reach 20,000 early this spring. If your training partners haven't yet discovered the motivational benefits of using the system, have a word in their ears during your next training run!