Who will you run for in 2017?

Virgin Money

Why do you run? There are so many reasons that we do and and each of us have our motivations and targets.

For some it is to run a certain distance faster then we've ever run it before (or faster than we've ever run it in a new age group before); for some it is to be able to run further than before; for some it is to support a great cause.

These are three good reasons and here we look at why the last one - running for others - brings about the other two.

Running for others brings with it an element of accountability that can keep you going when the going gets tough! If you are running for yourself, to improve your time or to lose some weight, your motivation and commitment can take a bit of a hit when other things get in the way or you just don't feel like it but when you know that you are running for something bigger than yourself and that others are relying on you and you have told them that you will do this for them, it can give you that extra push to get out of the door and put the training in. You will be doing this for them but they will also be doing something for you! Many charities and good causes have support packages available and will be there for you as you go through the training and racing. You may also be put in contact with others who are running for the same cause and have the same passion so you can share your experience and training ideas as you work towards the same targets.

By choosing to support a cause that has personal meaning to you, your motivation will notch up another level. Many of us have lost family and friends to curable diseases and want to support charities that offer care or fund much needed research or perhaps would love to help animals that have been abandoned or are in distress but our lifestyle doesn't allow it and so we may want to help the charities that care for them. By fundraising for somebody or something that you really care about your 2017 will will be positive, inspiring and fulfilling.

Virgin Money Giving has teamed up with runbritain and is our official online fundraising website. Virgin Money Giving is 100% not-for-profit, so money goes where it’s needed most – directly to charity.

Runners who join events through runbritain can set up a Virgin Money Giving page at the point of entry, which means you can get fundraising with Virgin Money Giving straightaway.

What are you waiting for? With one week to go, it's time to start planning your 2017 targets!