Winter progressions and taking stock of where you’re at

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How are you doing with your training programme? Hopefully it's been well planned and you are executing it  sensibly  so that  progress is being made, month on month.

At this time of year, however, many of us have perhaps been over-enthusiastic and injury or illness has surfaced.

Injury and illness - where's your head at?

Oliver Johnston is a personal trainer with OWJ Health and Fitness who suffered injuries, that are arguably far more serious than any that are caused by over-training, from a car accident. He has written an article that discusses psychological and behavioural responses to injury, whether some cope with set-backs more easily than others and if this skill can be trained. He also looks at how injury and illness can be a positive experience and propel you on to higher levels.

Read the article, 'Injury and illness - where's your head at?'  here.