Winter Woes at weekend half marathons

Four Villages Snow

Both Helsby  Running Club and York Knavesmire Harriers are very sorry to let their half marathon competitors know that tomorrow's races have had to be cancelled due to safety concerns for runners and volunteers.

The courses for the Brass Monkey Half Marathon, organised by York Knavesmire Harriers, and the Essar Four Villages Half Marathon, organised by Helsby Running Club, have been deeemed unsafe despite efforts to clear some of the snow from the courses. The photograph above has been taken on the course at Helsby). Both clubs have expressed their disappointment at having to cancel the events and stress that the decision has not been taken lightly.

So, if you had planned to run in an event tomorrow that has been cancelled, what are you going to do?

If you have safe and dry conditions take yourself out for one of these training sessions:

Tempo training -

  • 15 minutes slow running to warm up then 3X5KM [4minutes slow recovery in between each effort], 10 minutes cool down.

Threshold training (your half marathon pace)

  • 15 minutes slow running to warm up then 5km tempo [5 mins slow recovery] then 5 X 1km at threshold (faster) [2 mins slow recovery after each]

Long Slow Distance

  • A  gentle run with friends - take yourself out for the same time that you would have been out on the half marathon course


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